Apples, Friends & First Loves…

In the past, we have been loyal Hamptons apple pickers.  We’ve thrown elbows to get that unbruised apple on the midget tree while dodging bees and slipping on rotten apples.  For the past 3 years we’ve done that.  This year…we changed it up!  We headed north….and we had a wonderful day!  We went with our friends…picked apples…picked pumpkins….had a picnic & took lots of pictures!  Baby D also got his first cheap feel from his first love.  What can I say?  He’s a stud.

This is what it looks like when the cutest best friends go apple picking on a beautiful day.

AP13When you’re 3 1/2, matching is cool in public!

These girls don’t go anywhere alone anymore…they’ve got siblings!




The north has taller trees than the Hamptons.  That means that Daddy has to help out with the picking part.  It also means delicious apples and no fights at the top!



Not all of the apples were out of reach!





AP5There was a little pumpkin patch too…even though I’ll be showing you all our very own patch we inherited from the b*tch Sandy.




Winner for coolest baby girl…I mean really…look at that hair!!!!  Jealous LK here.



Is there anything better than 3 1/2 year old best friends?????





AP23I really love these girls!






I had dreams of the perfect family photo taken in this beautiful setting….like these guys….

AP15What we got was a thousand times better…because it is SO us!

AP16Oh my little Miss A!!!!  I love you … like a lunatic addicted to drama!!!!!

AP17Our Baby D is a little in love with PD…and the highlight of his day was during our picnic when he was able to get a cheap feel!

AP1That’s my little man!

This was a really fun day!  Great friends & 7000 apples!









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