One Year Later…

One year ago, I looked out my window and saw the water reach halfway up the driveway.  It wasn’t even high tide yet.  I was pregnant and running around our house at this very moment packing bags for each of us with clothes for the next 2-3 days.  Shoving the cat in the dog’s bag and imagining what I thought was most valuable to throw in the car with us “just in case”.  We put our important papers by the front door to grab as we left…then left them there by accident.  We put the box of pictures on the bookshelf, and my babies in the car.  We headed to Grandma’s house and tried not to worry.  I spent the next 12 hours waiting for the 7pm high tide and watching Facebook comments to see if anyone who lived in my bayside neighborhood had anything to report.  Then he commented.  My neighbor from his 2nd floor.  It’s Bad.

I cried.  And panicked.  Where would I bring my family home to?  How long would I be staying with my mom?  Where would this baby be born?  How was I going to tell Miss A that she had no home?  I had a zillion unanswered questions.  2 days from now will mark the day I came home to the nightmare.  And the day my prayers were answered.

We were fine.  We are fine.  Miss A is the strongest little girl in the world.  She waited patiently as her “dirty house” was cleaned up.  Mister LK and I made it through construction and now we have a beautiful house.  My dream house.  My dream family.  My dream life.

Some days I can’t believe we did it…while at the same time knowing all along we would.  I have the best husband.  Without him I would have crumbled.  There was so much to deal with and he did it like he always does.  Without complaining. (to me at least).  He’s my rock and my best friend.

More than anything today I am feeling so lucky that I have him.  I am remembering all of our love letters that were washed away from high school and knowing that I am the luckiest girl in the world to not need them because I have the real thing, right here, in our home…wherever that is.

There is another family that I would like to thank for getting me through this past year.  They are my gift from gd.  To M&K.  Our friends who let us live in their house.  I have never been more thankful for a gift in my life.  I will spend the rest of my life trying to repay you in any way I can.  I truly felt helpless without a place for my family to live and you saved us.

We are stronger than the storm…even if we’re not from NJ!


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