A Proud Mama…

Recently I did a job that brought me back to my photography roots!  I started my photography journey in college while studying for my art education degree.  At the time I was dating a guy who lived in North Carolina.  When I’d go visit I’d spend many hours while he was at work driving around with his parents finding beautiful old barns and landscapes.  At that time I was shooting film & developing slides & doing all of my creative work in the darkroom.  I fell in love in that darkroom…with my camera.  I did many projects finding interesting architecture and capturing the details on film.  Being able to shoot digitally & edit has been interesting!  This job was focused on some big city architecture…


HK22314-5bwmI really enjoyed myself.  It was completely different from my normal shoots as I was alone with myself, my camera & the architecture instead of bouncing off other people!



I think I’m always drawn to architecture and design and I naturally am sucked in by all things linear.  Photography is a passion of mine and I hope that one day I can pass this love onto my kids.  Recently, Miss A has been showing a strong interest in picking up the camera which makes my heart burst with happiness!  It all started with an Ipod touch.  We got her one when she turned 2, and she discovered it could take photos a few months ago.  Here are some of her first shots…


IMG_3666I have been having so much fun sharing this with her.  It’s such a rush to watch Miss A pick up my big camera and learn how to see through the viewfinder to compose her shot & to see her little fingers find the shutter release and click away!






What she sees amazes me.  She is deliberate with her compositions and all of the above images were taken on manual with autofocus.  Pretty damn good for not even 4 years old!  Her hands barely fit around the camera!!!

So that is what Miss A & I have been up to lately!  Spring is coming…I can feel it…and I can’t wait to see what she’s got once we can get outside a little more!  Now, I’ll go back to nurturing the photography bug that has bitten my little girl!!!!



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