Little Fishies…

A had her first swim lesson on Wednesday!  She came home from Gramma’s house with 2 new front top teeth poking through and I was hoping that she’d be in a decent mood for the swim instructor instead of the cranky pants she was before those 2 little teeth decided that Wednesday was the day!  For the record, she has gotten ALL 4 teeth she has, while at Gramma’s house.  Must be some tooth magnet in there somewhere!

So A and her friend PD were signed up for lessons together that started Wednesday @ 6pm!  We loaded the girls up with leche, bundled them up and brought them over to the Safe T Swim.  We then got them all dressed in their bathing suits!  How adorable are these girls???


A in her butterfly bathing suit!

What a face! This is A's friend PD...she's beautiful!

Is there anything better than baby girl tushies?!?!

"K Moms....we're ready to go swimming now!!"


At this point, we unhooked the bobo’s and brought the girls in to meet their instructors.  We were really hoping we didn’t have to poop in the pool!  Their instructors are 2 young guys who handled these girls and their screaming so well!  We had them singing, googoogaagaa-ing, and who knows what else, because after we hung out for a little and watched them for about 5 minutes, we went back to the parent’s viewing room to cool off!  They keep it 90 degrees in the pool area so sweaters is really overkill!


He's singing the ABC's to PD 🙂

A got right to kicking! She seems to remember a lot from last summer!

PD got to have her pick of the pool toys!

A doing the backstroke!

I picture this convo going: "PD: Where the hell did our mothers go? A: I don't know...if we start screaming maybe they'll come back PD: OK lets try..."

"I am not sure about this water splashing in my face thing!"

"OK Mom....its time to get out....kthx"


They were really good though.  We totally dropped them in a pool with strange  men and then left the room.  Considering the circumstances, these girls were rockstars!  We did pretty good too, as we sat there giggling about the girls screaming their heads off!  Great parents 🙂  Gramma was there to help out with everything this time, next week we hope to have the Dads!

We are hoping all this exercise only tires them out and is not enough to get rid of those smushy baby thighs because I love those!


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