Happy Birthday PD :)

The LK family is wishing this adorable baby a very very happy 1st birthday!!!  We hope all your wishes come true!  You are an amazing little girl!  Your parents are very lucky to have such a sweet girl.  Congrats to E & R on making it through this 1st year and being great parents! PD is a very lucky little girl to have you guys taking care of her.


"Seriously...how cute is my best friend!!!"



Here’s A’s note to PD on her special day:

Dear PD,

Happy Birthday to you!  Thanks for being my best friend!  You share your toys with me all the time and even better, you share your mommy’s cell phone and your daddy’s cooking.  You are always there to listen to me scream like crazy when they stick us in that pool every week and you are the only one who understands why I’m crying.  You’re a great pancake sharer too!  You’re really too nice to me most of the time which I probably don’t deserve, since that first time we hung out I pulled your hair and your eye, but you’ve taught me that a real friend can forgive and forget!  They can also fight back…and I won’t be mad if one day you do!  I’m going to try to be a better stroller buddy this summer so you can relax more on our walks without me screaming to get out.  I am so happy that you’re my friend! I hope you have a great 1st birthday!

I love you !

Love, A