Embrace the Camera Thursday 3.24.11

Good Morning!

We took this last Thursday…even though we didn’t post it last week!  We went to Westchester to visit our friends and spend the day with Auntie E.  I haven’t figured out how to blog from my blackberry yet, so this had to wait for this week!

A, TR & Mommy on TR's backyard ice rink...how cool!

TR’s Daddy had this rink put in their backyard so that his boys could skate.  TR is an INCREDIBLE ice skater! & he is pretty awesome at hockey too!  He’s not even 4 yet and the way he skates is just incredible.  We had a beautiful day for our visit and the rink was a little watery since 75 degrees and sunny has a tendency to melt ice!  A had fun being walked around the rink too.  She loved watching TR skate around and play!

We’re wishing everyone a happy Thursday!