A week with A&M was a real walk in the park…

Right after the aquarium, we went to the diner for lunch, and then the park! ¬†We tried to find Auntie H to take S&A2 with us, but it didn’t work out, so we went by ourselves and the kids loved it!

Swinging together!

She loves the swings!

Swung the hat off!

M prefered the climbing!

and he's showing A how to climb up the slide!

she's a very fast learner!

Always with the tongue.....blehdelehdahledah

I love this smile!

Yummy boy

"I know I can make it up this thing!"

"and down...!"

"Hey M...THIS WAY!!!"

"I see something else to climb on!"

"Hahaha I did it!!!"

"UhOh!!!! Mommy caught me running away!!!"

We had such a good time ūüôā

After this we went to Auntie H’s house and played a little with cousins S & A2. ¬†Always fun.

In other good news, A has another 2 teeth. ¬†We found them on Sunday. ¬†She’s been on a path of getting teeth in pairs, which is fine by me! ¬†She was really cranky for the last few days, and now we know why! ¬†She has also started to really “fake cry”. ¬†A real WAHHHHH with no tears, and its followed by a smirk. ¬†This girl is going to be trouble with capital T. ¬†But I love her!!!