Before the girl is 11 months…

I guess I should show you her 10 month photo huh!

Eating the cap to Mommy's camera


Attacking Mommy!



This month was fun!  A has 6 teeth, which she got in sets of 2.  She took her first steps, but hasn’t taken any alone in a few days.  She eats everything, she had her first taste of peanut butter and jelly and she really enjoyed it.  Her favorite foods of the month are cream cheese and jelly on toast, and grilled cheese.  Lots and lots of grilled cheese.  Another thing she devoured this month was half of my spinach and feta omlette…she really loved it.  Weirdo!  She got a new spring wardrobe and we had 2 spring like days but since its not Memorial day yet, she didn’t break out the white pants!

We booked our trip with A,R,&M for the Florida Keys and we’re pretty excited!  I’m stocking up on bathing suits for the little girl and I’m on the hunt for a “caftan” for me!  Caftan sounds way cooler than mumu right?!

Anyway, I’m not sure which of the above will make the final cut for the monthly photo, but those are my 2 favorites!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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