A note to my Uncle P…

Dear Uncle P,

I want to wish you a very happy birthday.  I’m so lucky to have an uncle like you to teach me all about being a girl.  Some of the things I have learned from you already is that its fabulous to wear matching outfits with the stars of the 80’s, with my friends, with my Mommy, with my Daddy, white shoes are fantastic, its cool to have the cops after you for harassing little old people living next door, and most importantly, find a college football superstar to marry because they always live life to the fullest ;)…just going to make sure they take better care of their knees!


Baby A

Check my uncle out….he is SO Don Johnson!

Handsome Birthday Boy!

Bye Bye Baby!

She’s tired of me too!

I’m saying Buh Bye to my Bay Bee & my little man T for the weekend and heading down to visit Auntie S2 in MD 🙂

A is going to stay with Gramma for the weekend while the other LK takes care of things around the house.  We have a birthday party to get ready for!!!  Oh yea – honey – I’m leaving a list of “to-do”s on the fridge.  kthx!

Thank you to Gramma for taking this baby from me for the weekend.  I know you just had a night with your #1, and that 2 nights with your #2 might leave you a little tired, but I lectured her and told her she has to sleep late and be on her best behavior while she’s at your house!  She told me “no”.  I’m hoping for your sake, No means Yes.

See ya Sunday!