Turning 31…

Every year of my life until he left it, my Poppy asked me “SO….how does it feel to be “#”?”  He was almost always the first to call me on my birthday and this made me think about how it felt to get older every year.  Every year I answered “The same as yesterday”.  Its still pretty much true except for 1 change.  I didn’t do a countdown this year.  Not because I am afraid of being 31, but because my baby girl is so nutty and funny that she distracted me!  DISTRACTED FROM MY OWN BIRTHDAY????  If you know me, you know how unlikely that is, but its true!  I put so much energy into her birthday that I didn’t truly realize how close our special days are!!  Last year I was not sure how I was going to get around comfortably since I had just had a C-section.  This year I am not sure how I am going to get a chance to stop running around chasing A for a minute!!!  I’ve listed many times in this blog how I love all the amazing people in my life.  I am a lucky girl.  I can’t wait to see what 31 brings me.

I want to wish a very happy birthday to my twin cousin.  SM, you’re a great twin…even though for years you reminded me how you were older and more mature than I was.  Guess what old man…boy does it feel great to be younger than someone today!  I wish you all the happiness today and every day.  May all your wishes come true and may 31 be your best year yet!

I am looking forward to a day with the family & then cake with some good friends 🙂

I can’t wait until Cousin S calls me to sing Happy Birfday to youuuuuuuuuu … to me!

I also can’t wait for this face to wake up and smile at me.

That is the best present ever.  (Hey other LK…if you read this, that was figurative…I love diamonds too.  Or an Ipad.  Or my desk redone…but use the other ideas for Mother’s Day and the anniversary k!)

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