Embrace the Camera Thursday 8.4.11

My little girl loves SHOES!

I was trying on a pair of gold espadrilles that I bought a while ago and never wore, so that I could see how they would be to wear to a wedding last week…when like a stealthy jaguar, A attacked my feet!  She pulled and whined and then threw an on the floor tantrum until I took the shoes off.  She then promptly stepped her tiny chubby little feet into them and looked at me with such victory!

"Mommy! I think these shoes are perfect for the wedding!!"

I couldn’t help but try to snap a pic of the 2 of us, 2 shoe loving girls!  Sadly, A wasn’t in the mood for a picture, she wanted to test these shoes out and run and dance!  But I got a blurry shot that I love 🙂

We apologize to Daddy in advance for the shoe habit that Mommy will be enforcing 🙂

Happy ETC everyone!