Embrace the Camera Thursday 8.18.11

In a real case of Mommy brain – I forgot that today is Thursday!  I guess anyone who reads our blog will get 2 posts today!

Here’s a photo of me and A that we took to send to Daddy while he was away in Las Vegas last weekend.  We wanted to remind him of what was waiting for him at home!!!

Missing Daddy!

Rainy Summer Day Fun!

We had big plans to go out to the Hamptons to visit with our family this past weekend.  Big plans that were ruined by a virus and a ridiculous amount of rain.  It rained so much on Sunday that I couldn’t even leave my town.  All the roads were flooded and I thought I was going to need to get my arc out of the attic 😉

What to do when you’re dressed & ready to go at 830am…when you’ve been stuck in the house for days on end with a little virus and she’s FINALLY feeling a little normal again???

Hang out at PD’s house & wait out the storm!

Miss PD was ready to play!

They were both a little cranky, we tried to get them to relax on the couch with some Sesame Street!

When relaxing on the couch with Elmo doesn't work - we resort to anything to make them laugh and keep them not whining!

A spent some time hiding from me behind the playhouse!

And finally - Miss A the eskimo! Just had to check if the snowsuit fit! Not that I want winter to come anytime soon! But we should be prepared 🙂

The mommies even got to lay down and watch a movie while the girls napped!  The rain didn’t stop all day.  The backyard was completely filled with water & we thought about sending the girls out to swim!  We ended the day with both girls having low grade fevers again & me feeling really bad that A got PD sick.

Good news!  PD was just teething & did not have the virus!  She woke up with NO fever!!!

Thanks to the D’s for having a very nice rainy summer day with us!