Rainy Summer Day Fun!

We had big plans to go out to the Hamptons to visit with our family this past weekend.  Big plans that were ruined by a virus and a ridiculous amount of rain.  It rained so much on Sunday that I couldn’t even leave my town.  All the roads were flooded and I thought I was going to need to get my arc out of the attic 😉

What to do when you’re dressed & ready to go at 830am…when you’ve been stuck in the house for days on end with a little virus and she’s FINALLY feeling a little normal again???

Hang out at PD’s house & wait out the storm!

Miss PD was ready to play!

They were both a little cranky, we tried to get them to relax on the couch with some Sesame Street!

When relaxing on the couch with Elmo doesn't work - we resort to anything to make them laugh and keep them not whining!

A spent some time hiding from me behind the playhouse!

And finally - Miss A the eskimo! Just had to check if the snowsuit fit! Not that I want winter to come anytime soon! But we should be prepared 🙂

The mommies even got to lay down and watch a movie while the girls napped!  The rain didn’t stop all day.  The backyard was completely filled with water & we thought about sending the girls out to swim!  We ended the day with both girls having low grade fevers again & me feeling really bad that A got PD sick.

Good news!  PD was just teething & did not have the virus!  She woke up with NO fever!!!

Thanks to the D’s for having a very nice rainy summer day with us!

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