Before There Were Presents…

There were sticks!

Literally – right before Hanukkah and all the presents came pouring in, Mommy & her little girl spent some quality time outside on the lawn.  We have a really great lawn, but we rarely spend any time enjoying it since it is in the front of the house and not fenced in.  It was a crisp day, but not too cold and after I picked A up at school, she was not ready for her nap and she was not interested in going inside.  I noticed that our trees had shed many of their branches onto our lawn & the gardeners had not done a “fall clean up” yet…so we got to cleaning!

It did feel oddly like I was talking to a puppy as I was telling her to “go get the stick and bring it to Mommy”, but she had the best time…and did a MUCH better job than T ever would have!  He’s as big as most of these sticks!

Baby Fetch!

"More stick Mommy?!"

taking a break!

My big girl!

We want to wish a very Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating!  We hope your feast of 7 fishes is delicious…your Christmas morning is plentiful…and as my favorite real housewife of NJ Melissa says “It’s Jesus’s Birthday!”  Family…blood & chosen…that is what is most important.  Health, happiness & family is the recipe for a wonderful life.

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