Happy Birthday Little Miss O!

Dear Little Miss O,

You are so adorable!  Now you are not a baby, I guess I will not be rocking you to sleep anymore, but I promise to try to always be gentle with you anyway!  I hope that in this next year I can come to more music classes with you & you can show me the ropes, and that we get to play in your new house & backyard because that seems like fun!  Thanks for inviting us to your birthday party!  It was lots of fun & the building has a great lobby for running like a lunatic!  I know how 1st birthday parties can be…very overwhelming, and I hope you had a good time at yours!  And that the cake was good – my mommy didn’t let me eat any since I’m a nutjob and didn’t need any more sugar that day!!!  Lets eat cake together soon k?!


Miss A

Model O!

Birthday Girl!!!

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