Christmas Eve At the Rock…

This Christmas Eve day we decided we were going to brave the cold, grab our family & head in to NYC to see the giant Rockefeller Center tree!  We figured the crowds would be plentiful, but there would be a whole lot of people home eating their Christmas Eve dinner too…

We were right!  It was busy, but NYC at Christmas is always insane.  Rockefeller Center is a zoo of epic proportions at this time of year…so when we were able to walk through the crows WITH a stroller…we considered this a success!

We picked up Auntie E on the way, and met up with Uncle C at the tree! (I sound like Dr. Seuss!)

LK Family making our way to the tree!

Auntie E & A by the tree!

A...taking it all in!

fun close up!

Loving all the lights!

In awe of all the lights & angels...and the fish fountain in the pond behind the trees...

Uncle C & A photoshoot!!!

A sandwich!

1 minute countdown to the bubble show!!

Watching the bubble show on 5th Avenue!

Off to get some dinner!

Finding dinner was an adventure!  First we decided that we would not be going Chinese…that is reserved for today!  Tradition!  We started walking to Patsy’s.  No table for 5….hmmm….now to find another restaurant!  We ended up getting a table at a place called “Nocello”.  We walked in…sat down…A started having a meltdown.  I was calming her down & taking my coat off…and the manager more than implied that we should not stay!  We were getting dirty looks from most of the other tables…so we decided to re-dress & keep the search for dinner going!  (I guess this is what happens when you go to NYC on Xmas eve with no plan!)  It was their loss – A is the cutest girl in the whole world & any restaurant that gets to see her eat is a lucky one…

Turns out that we were right near the 55th St location of Seraphina & they were more than welcoming!  It was loud & delicious.  A ate like a pro & enjoyed pizza, tomatoes, and most of my risotto…and all the dessert.  We had a great meal with my great family & were able to end the night full & happy!

LKSquared wishes everyone who is celebrating a very merry Christmas!


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