Out With the Old….In With the NEW BANO!!!!

A took her final bano in the old bathroom on January 10th.  It was a really long, really nice good-bye to the teal & flowers you might have seen here.

"Mommy...please don't take away my bano"

Oh....I'll be happy if it will be white!!!

The bathroom that A bathes in, is the only tub in the house, so we’ve been showering for the last 21 days.

Even that teal/blue/green/black and every color flowers weren’t any match for my little munchkin!

Here are my kiddos after the “Last Bano”

I hope you’re ready for a change.  We certainly were!  In respect of the old bathroom…it was really nice when it was new, I’m sure of it!  It was the leaking shower body, the disintegrating walls, and the lack of lighting that were the main reason it got first bid on being the 1st major interior renovation!

Ooooohhhhh so pretty! CLEAR WATER!!!!

Foofa took the first bath with A!

Here are the kiddos after their First Bano!


Big Difference right?!  Here’s a side by side for better comparison!


Today they are completely done and we have all the accessories in.  We’re really really excited!

We used Built Right, NY again for this work.  We used them for the siding replacement over the summer too.  They seem to have done pretty great work on the bathroom!  I’d still recommend them!

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