Snow Day!

Singular….1 day….1 snow….that is all we’ve got this year!  So different from last year!!!  I can’t believe how big A’s gotten since last year.  I know she’s a year older, but when you look back at the photos, it is just incredible that she was crawling as her main mode of transportation, and she was so bundled up she could barely do that!!!

This snow was a nice one…even though I love when it snows…getting around with a toddler in snow like last year might be difficult.  A was also much more helpful this year with snow removal!

She helped her Daddy clean up the whole patio!

Cleaning off our fire pit table

She thought the snow was funny!

Really funny!

Her eskimo ensemble was too cute not to get lots of pretty pics!

Thanks PD for lending us your snowsuit!!!

See ya soon snow!!!


Next year, we’ll meet the snow…on skiis!

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