6 Weeks Later…

How is it only 6 weeks?  It feels like a year.  I know I’ve aged, I think Miss A has aged, and this situation sure has gotten old!


Silver lining…b/c dwelling just isn’t getting us anywhere!  I’m renovating my entire house!  I am really excited and nervous about it but I think we’ve got a great team so far and I’m feeling better than I thought I would.  I’m super far away from my home & from my friends and that is really hard, but I’m trying to make it home at least once a week!  Tomorrow will be that day!  I’m excited to see the new framing and progress we’ve made since Friday!  We’re also meeting a kitchen designer & we’ll plan out the layout!

Debating on high-gloss vs. painted cabinets, flat fronts vs. shaker, marble vs. ceasarstone, drawers vs. cabinets….to name a few!  Opinions are welcome…except the ones that say high gloss & marble are high maintenance … I know that already!

29634_10151163981006935_1640464370_nOn the Miss A front, she started school last week!  She had a great week all things considered!  The drop off was torture…but the pick up was AWESOME!  She only gave me hell 1 day out of 3, and it was more to do with her being hungry and over stimulated than anything else!  She had picture day, which I was told she did with her blankie on her lap and they said she smiled!  She had pajama day which was exciting because she got to wear her princess tutu OUTSIDE!  And to top off her week, her Daddy dropped her off and picked her up on Friday!  All great things.  Oh – and she’s been going PP on the potty there!!!!!!!


In Mommy news, I’m adjusting to living here in this new place that is more like a foreign country, and I’m settling in slowly but surely.  Having some time to explore the area and drive around while Miss A is in school has been helpful.

Now that we have internet and I have a very little bit of downtime, I plan to be back up and running here on LKSquared…hope to have lots more updates soon!



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