If You’re Frustrated & You Know It….

Post it on Facebook?  As our good friend BT said…”if you didn’t see it on facebook or instagram…did it ever really happen?”

I use my personal blog to vent…and most of you who are reading this have already heard these frustrations from me over the phone!  If you don’t want to hear my opinion…you can close the page!

So this is my house just 2 days ago as compared to my house before Hurricane Irene…


Master Bedroom

If you want to see what my house looked like “before” you can see it here

I left that Monday morning with 2 days worth of clothing, Mister LK, Miss A, T & M.  We haven’t been back since except to clean out our things and put them all on the curb.  Have you ever thought of what everything you ever owned would look like on a curb?  I hope not…but in case you need a visual…

















This isn’t actually all of it…more was added over the next few days, but this is the bulk….

Here’s my problem…If you are living in your house now or will be able to be back in within a month…you didn’t lose everything.  Please stop saying you did.  Yes life is different, yes our city was devastated, you probably lost your car(s), and lots of memories in basements…I am not minimizing your loss…but you’re in your bed.  Your kids are in their beds…in their homes…safe.  Stop collecting free things if you don’t need them.  Stop complaining about having no power when you have a generator and are warm.  If you post a photo of a movie being played on a flat screen tv … don’t you even think about complaining about no power.  My Grandma has Alzheimers and had to be moved out of her apartment because of no power, no heat, no hot water…now she can’t move back into the home she has had since she got married.  She can complain (although she probably won’t remember to)…

I am very very frustrated at these people who are publicly complaining about their “dire” situations as they “rough” it…losing 1/2 your things does not make you destitute.  You have your jobs, your family, your house.  You are not in a shelter with your kids.

I am so thankful for the help my family and friends have extended to us that I couldn’t even dream of complaining about our losses on social media.  It’s disgusting.  All of those things above will be taken care of.  Thanks mostly to my family and friends.  I was sad to lose sentimental things as I have said before, and I believe I am entitled to be sad about it.  I’m just not entitled to complain to people who lost much much more…some people lost PEOPLE.  Thank gd I didn’t.

When I re-read my post about impending Irene I realize what I thought this was going to be…I thought I’d be having a sleepover with Grandma and going home to a few inches and some messed up floors.  I prepared in much the same way.  I cleaned my ASS off….I had clean sheets on the bed, freshly mopped floors, sparkling bathrooms, sterilized kitchen….all my valuables were up high.  Who ever thought that “up high” wouldn’t help when that furniture floated into the next room….

I took what mattered to me….my family.

I think people who need a way to complain publicly should sign up for a free blog.  That way I don’t have to see it and I don’t have to look mean by deleting you….Say thanks for what you have everyday because you just never know when it will all be taken away.  Call your friends or write them an email or start your own blog…social media is far reaching and your insensitivity might hurt people you don’t even know.

Thank gd we left….and thank gd we have this little one to make us crazy!


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