Oh Hurricanes….how NY has missed you….

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the Christmas Blizzard of 2010 really F&*$ed up NY.  I know we all know that NY was F&*$ed under snow.  But I mean more mentally.  All of a sudden it is not safe to be in a place where you can’t get emergency help!  No kidding!

I was only 5 years old when Hurricane Gloria payed us a visit, and that storm was a category 3 when it hit Long Island.  Irene is anticipated at a 1.

If the LKs were only husband, wife, dog and cat…we would be getting cozy in our PJs and riding out the storm on our couch.  But now we have A.  The little lunatic is making us prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

There are many guidelines to follow when correctly and thoroughly preparing for a hurricane here on our barrier island.  I’ve already put all of our pretty important documents up high on a shelf in a plastic box.  I’ve taken the super important docs and made sure they’re in a ziploc bag and are coming with us.  Good jewelry, coming with us.  Water bottles, check.  Food prepared, check.  (I will NOT eat canned food).  Now, to the thing that people have been recommending…documentation of the house.  I’ve been told to photograph the house from all angels in case there’s any damage & insurance needs proof!  What a better reason to show the house 8 months after move-in!  I am apologizing for the disorganized mess you’re all about to see, but this is how it is around here for now.  We’re working on it!

Lets start in the master bedroom!

Ahhh clean sheets! Irene - if you mess those up I'll be PO'd.

Our bay window. See that tree trunk out there...Mister LK is pretty scared that is one of 5 that are going to crash land on our house from the winds!

Cathedral closets

Mirror Mirror on....every wall of the hallway....show me where to enter the bathroom!

Primary colors galore!

Sink stuff...

my little dark vanity table

on our way out the door!

Holy Bathroom!!! This is the next project....for obvious reasons.


We like to store things in here that we don't want touched by A since this door is pretty much always closed

I am going to have this room looking much better very soon for our friend's visit mid-September!

A's almost complete art station...with no crayons since she thinks the couch is her canvas lately!

For someone (me) who can't commit to color, I think I did a pretty good job in here!

I know the blue is tropical....and some might hear steel drums when they walk in, but I love it!

Load up the office shelves - everything important UP HIGH!

A little bit of organized mess in the mudroom! how much laundry can one family of 3 have!

this kitchen....could really use some work haha!

I can't wait to have an open layout one day...then the highchair won't be in the middle of the room!

We're really hoping our new giant windows don't break from the wind!

More piles on TOP of the furniture 🙂

Nice big empty wall space waiting for something to be hung up....what to hang ?!?!

Just the living room - watching the weather!

We've moved all things away from the windows & off the shelves in preparation 🙂

I guess it is a good thing we never hung anything on the walls yet!

See! Nothing on the walls 🙂

We hope you like our house 8 months later!  We hope it’s still here when we get home!!!

All for this…


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