Irene…Please Leave Our Long Beach Alone!

We’ve been hiding out in Brooklyn, away from the “danger zone”…but it is super frustrating to see all the reporters standing on my boardwalk, while we are wondering what is going on at our house!  We did get a little bit of the storm excitement here though!  The window above our head leaked on us…YAY!  Was kinda fun 🙂  A’s  been sleeping in Cousin S’s crib since 7:45pm and it is now almost 9am….I love this house.  Just sayin’.

Here’s some photos someone took on FB of what is left at the beach…

the ocean reached the even moved the lifeguard HQ building and crashed it into the times.

it took the beach onto the streets...

I wonder if they'll move the ticket takers to the street to make sure we still use our beach passes for the rest of the season?!

I hope everyone is safe at home…and the mess isn’t too big for us to get back later tonight!


One thought on “Irene…Please Leave Our Long Beach Alone!

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