D Day…

So today is D Day….or Delivery Day….or holy crap we’re having another baby day!  

Baby K 2.0, we’re very excited to meet you.  So excited you might notice that it is 4:20am and I’ve been up for a good 20 minutes already with no success at falling back to sleep.  The alarm is set for 5:50am, but I’m just too anxious!

From the beginning of this pregnancy, you and I have been different that Miss A and I.  For most of that I thank you!  The fact that I can breathe this time around is a huge help!  The fact that I was sicker wasn’t a help, but hey…you win some, you lose some 😉

Daddy thinks I’m carrying you differently, Grandma thinks my face didn’t change, and I think…well…I have no idea what to think except that I’m really glad we get to meet you today.  I’m also pretty thankful that you started sleeping in the night and aren’t kicking me awake as much as you were a week or 2 ago!  

There are so many people that want to know what/who you are, but most of all I can’t wait until you meet your big sister.  She’s had a rough night with all the things big sisters have racing through her mind.  (She might have inherited a little bit of Mommy’s pre-big event anxiety?!)  She’s really excited to meet you too though…she told me she’s going to be very gentle and help me take care of you.  

This world is crazy and amazing and I can’t wait to hold you in my arms and smell your new baby smell, and for you to be the perfect addition to our new and improved family!  

We’ll see you soon baby!  





2 thoughts on “D Day…

  1. Waiting for the good news. I am so excited and how the heck am I going to concentrate at work today knowing that my new Niece or Nephew is about to make a grand entrance into the world? Can’t wait to meet you little baby.
    Aunt Gilda~

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