So…What Did YOU Do Yesterday?!

Because I had a baby boy!  

Yup…a big baby boy!  8lbs 12oz.  Baby D.  Somehow, even though he was huge, he still feels so tiny!  

What a different experience this was than last time!  They ran about an hour and a half late for our scheduled C, but once I went in, it was a lot more terrifying than last time!  Last time there was pain I was avoiding…this time I just had to sit there and wait for the pain (read: spinal) to begin!  I had an amazing anesthesiologist and as always Dr. Wong (I’m using his name because ladies in NYC, you should use him…he is better than anything you can dream of).  He held my head and shoulders while they were doing the spinal, and I was at ease…which is sort of an oxymoron.

Once the procedure started, I was very very short of breath.  I was feeling stuck (because I was!) and like I couldn’t breathe.  The second the baby was out, my lungs filled up with glorious air & I felt so much better!  Plus there was a little boy for us to love!  And he is a-freaking-dorable!  Then they sent the baby and Mister LK to the nursery….and I got to check emails and texts while they were finishing up.  The Dr.s recommended keeping my mind off all the pressure and pulling!  I’m also hoping they were distracting me from that tummy tuck I hope they gave me!!!!  In reality, every resident who has come in to check me out has raved about Dr. Wong and his plastic surgery skills.  Lets hope this scar is as teeny as the last one!  Not that I’m getting into a bikini…well…ever!!!

The hardest thing about recovery so far has been the itching.  I feel like a person coming off crack or something.  My face (which started itching during the procedure, and I have to thank Mister LK profusely for scratching it for me!), my legs, my back….its terrible.  On top of that they made me wear these circulation stimulators, and the material and my skin didn’t like each other.  I was up all night except for a whole 2 hours total.  As soon as I fell asleep they came in to wake me.  Obviously!

In just a few minutes (i hope) the nurse is going to come in and I’m going to be able to get up and walk around!  I’m really excited about this.  Once I can move from bed, Baby D will come hang out with his Mommy and we’re gonna snuggle!  I’m in love with this boy and I can’t wait to have him all to myself this morning!!!


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