7 Months Of Fun…

My chicken noodle boy is 7 months.  He was 7 months about 2 weeks ago but I never got around to posting our updates.


That is because at 7 months old this boy thinks that it is a good idea to crawl, and start climbing, and get TEETH!  I mentioned those teeth back in last month’s post, how they were probably coming, and then they did.  The two bottom teeth.  One right after the other.  Popped right out.  Now they are so big that it hurts a LOT when he bites me!

We had a little reprieve when his gums felt better after those suckers popped out, and now we’re back in the “holy bananas my gums hurt” mode and naps are shorter, crying is longer, but he’s still the most smiley baby I know!  Grandma babysat while we had a weekend 2 weekends ago and she told me she was taking this boy home!  I told her NO WAY LADY!

He’s eating more and more solids, and by solids I mean purees that I am making (thanks to Grandma’s Vitamix Hannukah present!!!!) Peas, Carrots, Broccolli, Pears, Sweet Potato…and the list keeps growing.  He’s still not entirely interested in them, but he’s growing and happy and I have no complaints!

He won’t stop the moving thing…He loves his puppy brother…He adores his big sister…



His Mommy and Daddy love him and can’t get enough of him.  This coming weekend is the last wedding of the season and I am so excited for our friends!  I’m also looking forward to getting to spend the holidays with this happy boy and girl.


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