8 Months & Late Again!

Oh 8 months.  How you try to kill me!  Miss A and I had the same thing happen around now.  Baby D is non-stop.  He is getting into everything, and everything that Miss A never even looked at.  Is it pre-programmed in the brains of little boys to make a beeline for the cords, wheels, remotes?  How is it possible that this BABY knows what an IPhone is??? Mister LK just figured out what an IPhone is!


Thinking back to my experience with Miss A around 8 months, we had just moved into our house,  she was equally as mobile, and I was feeling equally as “stuck”.  It’s a little bit better these days since I have Miss A to entertain Baby D sometimes, and I also have my exceptionally helpful M who comes once a week to take care of the things I don’t do around here, and watch the kids while I run errands.  This 2 naps a day, 3 meals a day, 4 bottles a day schedule is really making me feel trapped.

I am a firm believer in getting babies on a schedule ASAP so that you know what to expect and so do they.  They sleep better, eat better, and develop better (IMO) when they know what is coming and don’t feel the stress of the unknown.  I however, am not a scheduled person.  I like to go with the flow.  I like to think of something I have to do and be able to hop in the car and get it done!  ERRRRRRRRRRR not so much with this ball and chain!

This month, this big boy weighed in at 18lbs 3oz (20th %), and he is 28 3/4″ (75th %) tall.  Our big chicken noodle!  He’s basically eating everything, and he had absolutely no problem with the puffs.  He loves the sweet potato Happy Baby puffs.  Loves.  His little pincher technique doesn’t let a puff fall to the floor!

D6About movement….he is a cruiser.  Crawling is a 1 knee to the floor and 1 foot to push him along movement.  He climbs up on anything he can reach.  Sitting still isn’t really happening these days!


Feeding him his bottles has proven to be a tough task.  I have to tie him into his Baby Bjorn bouncer chair (which I love & highly recommend) to get him to eat.  I used to be able to lay him in there and he’d climb right out when he finished.  Now…he throws his bottle and climbs out after a 1/2 oz.  That’s fun!  He think’s it’s hilarious!



He’s got a great sense of humor.  He is always laughing and smiling.  The only hitch in our little man’s happiness has been the TEETH.  Holy teeth batman.  He has the bottom 2, the top 2, and the next 2 are making their way down.  You know what happens when a tooth is coming into this guys mouth?  He will not sleep.  At all.  He also gets a crazy eczema episode on his face!  Check out these big teeth & splotches!!!



We will be visiting the dermatologist in January.  Sensitive skin just like his Mommy!

He’s babbling and his favorite word is Dada.  Miss A can get him to say it over and over again!  She thinks it’s awesome that he’s “talking”!

Overall month 8 has been wonderful.  Baby D, you bring smiles to our family every single day.  Even the sleepless days & nights.  You are a sweet soul and a mushy boy who I can’t get enough of.  I could kiss you all day if it wouldn’t cause your skin to hurt!  Ok…I do kiss you all day and that is probably the problem with your cheeks!  Looking forward to all your new moves in month 9!  Love you little man.



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