New Windows

Our house has a lot of windows.  It has a lot of very big oversized windows.  This is great in many aspects, but when we realized that almost all of the windows needed to be replaced, it wasn’t only an expensive decision, it was a very very cold one too!

We got 4 quotes, 3 fell very close to one another, and 1 was ASTRONOMICAL.  It was an Anderson product, and I feel like I most definitely wasted 3 hours of my life with that salesman.  In the end we went with Medallion, who was recommended to us by Auntie S2 and Uncle B2.  Uncle B2 used to work for them.  They were very nice, gave us a very competitive price, the most comprehensive installation and were very professional.

When they arrived on the first day, I requested that they complete the nursery windows first so that I could get A in for a nap.  They obliged, but her nap was missed because it was a very long process, very cold, and very messy!

Here are some photos of A the week we had our windows replaced…she spent most of her days in PJs a coat and a hat!

Old single pane windows!

No window at all! I think it was about 25 degrees that day!

"Do I really have to stay in here in my coat and hat Mommy?!"

Warm in my fleece sleeper!

Finally…NEW WINDOWS!  These are the windows in A’s room.  She’s now warm and toasty!

These are some of our double hung windows…we also got some sliders, some casements and some picture windows too…pictures to follow!  We need to still paint the trim and the radiator & add the curtains and we’ll be done!

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