A makes little boys cry…

A’s going to be a handful.  A already is a handful!   This is really only my problem for the most part, until she enters someone else’s house, looking all sweet, and then….

Yea – A makes the boys cry.  I have to say, she really didn’t do anything this time, but something about her made these cuties “worry”!

Aren’t they adorable!

G on the left, J on the right

G has magnificent eyes.  One day A will be very jealous of those!  Hopefully one day J won’t be so scared of A & she can move her one girl show into the family room with these guys!  She decided on her own that she didn’t want to be the cause of J’s sadness so she went to empty my bag in the foyer!

Sorry Mom! I'll just play in your stuff for now!

Maybe we’ll try again another time and no one will have to worry – she’s really a nice girl.  She won’t let you mistake that for a push over, just ask cousin S, but she’s so sweet!  All she wants to do is give kisses!

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