SuperGLEE party…

We had a little GLEE/Superbowl party over here.  Took just a few nights of shoving things in closets to make this place presentable!  Oh – and hanging some quick Ikea curtains so we weren’t in our normal fishbowl!

We started off the day with a little hiccup – Auntie H and Cousin S had a little accident on the way, so they never made it … Sad face.  But we sent the husband to check on them & A and I met up with our friends E and baby PD & went walking on the boardwalk to see all the insane people jump into the ocean in 40 degree weather!  We thought it was just beautiful out!  However we were dressed in winter coats & the girls were all bundled up in their strollers…not half naked in bikini’s and such running into the ocean that has been snowed in for 2 months straight!  (not that you’d ever catch me running anywhere in a bikini…pretty sure not even in the privacy of my own home!)

ok so weird - i totally just got this off the Long Beach website and this was the first photo i clicked on, and its totally my friend N who just spent the whole day here and we love her! there were thousands of people and she's in the photo I randomly picked...weird! She's on the right 🙂

After a nice walk outside, we came home & finished up our cooking & started the party!  I didn’t take too many photos but here were some of our guests!

Little C

Little G

E & Little PD - who was being very camera shy! (sorry E for the bad photo...we are working with what we had!)

Cupcake Pro & Apprentice!

Aunt D and I made those neon cupcakes…and little K helped decorate!  The husband thought they were delicious!  He ate 8.

This was a great superbowl party!  So many babies and friends and family…and I was kept busy enough that I didn’t have to watch a single second of football!  But I did get to watch Glee with my family once the football was over.  It was great!

Thanks everyone for coming.  Maybe Auntie H will make it next year!

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