Calling all Free Range Parents!!!!!!!

I need free range friends!

There’s been a lot of discussion on the various parenting styles existing these days, there’s the helicopter , the tiger, and the free range.

It would be noble of me to say that I don’t make judgements on parents I know who fall into the other categories, it would also be a lie.  It is why I find it hard to be friends with non-relaxed parents!  I knew from way before I ever had A that I would lean more toward “free-range” than another style that is defined by micro-managing children.  I don’t even enjoy micro-managing my own life!  When A is playing with another kid & has a mother hovering over her, I feel stifled.  I also feel like if A falls down, that other parent looks at me like it is my fault.  I have to bite my tongue not to say – “hey – if her booboo is my fault, I’m ok with that”.  That whole scenario is way too much work for me!

By all means, I believe in setting boundaries for my child.  Limits that teach her what is acceptable behavior and what is not.  Rules that teach her to take proper precautions for safety, health, etc.  I know that if I ever lost track of her while allowing her to play on her own, I’d panic.  I also know she’s only 15 1/2 months old and that I have to watch her carefully now…but all of these things don’t mean she can’t play on her own, fall down, even bleed a little.  I know I did & I’m still here!

I love A more than anything in this world, and I want her to grow up and be independent.  I think that’s one of the most important things to me.  I think at this early stage, she’s pretty independent!  My need is for other moms & dads who are similar to me!  I have a few friends like this already, but not enough!

This post is a personal ad!  I’m looking for Mom friends who are ok with a little bump and bruise.  Who want to chit chat and problem solve about setting boundaries while laughing about how silly, crazy, scary, funny, annoying, amazing our kids are!  It would be a bonus if I could find a parent who wants to send their kid to sleepaway camp as soon as they are allowed to go!

Check out what happens when I leave A to walk up ahead without a leash on HER!

When she can walk ahead of me on her own...

She has SO MUCH FUN!!!!

And I can't get enough of her happy face!



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