9 Days…

How is it possible that in 9 days I will have 2 children?  I haven’t even mastered having 1 child yet…what the HELL am I going to do with 2?!?!  I know…zillions of people do it, and so can I….but for real????  This is scary stuff.

I think Miss A knows I’m scared….I just turned around and asked her what she was doing and found her with a wipe and she said “I’m cleaning”…good girl A!

I was all of 13 months old when my sister came to change our family and my life forever…I didn’t know anything, and I can’t remember life without her, but Miss A is just about 3 and she’s in for the shock of her life.  She’s so used to being the only child, getting all of the attention, and having us at her beck and call….duh duh duhhhhhhhh….that is all about to change!  I keep talking to her every night and telling her that when the baby comes home and is out of Mommy’s belly, I will still always love her.  She’s got no clue!

My Dr. is now across the world in Hong Kong until next Saturday.  I will be taking it ridiculously easy from today on…and I hope that on April 8th, as scheduled…this baby comes!

AThe only child enjoying the wonder of bubbles with her best friend!

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