7 Days…

1 week from now (if not sooner) I will be getting in the car and heading to hospital.  There’s a little girl here who just told me in the most excited voice…

“Mommy…when’s the baby coming out?”  I told her soon.  “I’m so so so excited!  I am going to be so gentle with it!  I will not hit it’s head!”

It’s always a good day when the laughs start at 7am!

I think she’s gonna be the best big sister….and I know she’s the cutest!


1 more week….

In other exciting LKSquared news….our kitchen & bedroom cabinets are getting installed today!  The countdown is on for the boys of CMT Construction…the lists are made, the emails are flying, and I can’t wait until we are home!!!


3 thoughts on “7 Days…

  1. We are so excited for the arrival of the new LKSquared addition and for you guys to I finally be home. Love you so much! Xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. YIPPPEEEE the light is at the end of the tunnel, pardon the pun, and very soon A will have her baby brother/sister. We can’t wait for that very special phone call. I’m practicing my Happy Dance. Also happy to hear that the house is almost near completion and soon ALL 4 OF YOU will be home again. Lots of new beginnings for you. Enjoy this special time. Love you guys!

  3. She is going to be the BEST BIG sister and I can’t wait to watch it all unfold!!! She is always amazing with baby H so I have no doubts Miss A will “not hit it’s head” 🙂 4 days till I get to meet my new niece or nephew and I cannot wait to be there like you were for me.
    Baby H and I love you guys so much!!!

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