Its A’s Party & She’ll cry if she wants to…

I think it is an unwritten rule that on the day of your party, you are a B*&@$!  At least, all the girls that I know are.  exceptmeimperfect.  The LKs were up until 2am on Saturday night preparing the house for this party.  We had help from Auntie S & Uncle P to move all the furniture out and bring the tables in….the house went from Living Room to Catering Hall in a matter of minutes.  It looked great!

Then A woke up.  At 7am.  SCREAMING.  This is not her normal way to wake up, but it was the day of her party…so of COURSE she was cranky pants!

Our house held 85 people.  I can’t even believe it.  I know lots of guests thought it was crowded, mostly because it was, but it was crowded with all the people we love!

An amazingly talented friend came to the party & lucky for the LKs he brought his camera.  We didn’t expect him to work the party, but he seemed to be having fun capturing everything & who can argue…A is a pretty cute subject to photograph!

We kept the decoration simple since there would be so many people … I thought it would be too much with too many decorations!  We had some pretty flowers…

We had pink, black and white polka dot balloons too!  I almost got those beautiful perfectly round balloons – however those things are 36″ in diameter.  Each.  It would have taken 20, 15 minute car rides to get them blown up and to the house.  Have you seen gas prices?!  We went with regular balloons!

There are many benefits to having an April birthday.  (I prefer a May birthday myself but April has become a new favorite!)  One of these benefits was that I was able to walk with A outside from the time she came home from the hospital because the weather was perfect!  The other, was when shopping for her birthday party, I was able to have my pick of all things pink!  All the stores are stocked for Easter!  Since they start Easter decorations in about February…I had lots of time to get all the pink platters and serving pieces!

We catered bagels and fixings for the main part of the brunch, but the desserts were something I wanted to put a more personal touch on.  We had help though!  Not the same help that Auntie H got for S’s party…nowayinhell.  At the time of Cousin S’s party, I was pregnant with A and I promised my then unknown baby that when it came time for their 1st birthday, I would put more effort into their desserts than I did for my beautiful sweet niece.  I didn’t know if that was possible since my mom and I put about 20 hours worth of effort into S’s party stuff!

For A’s party we had lots of help!  Our friends E, R & PD came with a fabulous cake for A to get her hands into!

Fabulous cup-cake by E!

Aunt D brought her famous mini-cupcakes in polka dot liners with pink icing!  She is an ah-mazing cupcake decorator if you need one.  I know mine are simple, but that is what I asked for.  She made some awesome Easter cupcakes recently which I will show on here soon!  Shameless plug for my bestie and her talents!

Perfect mini cupcakes by Aunt D

Finally, I made A’s cake.  It took me about 3 hours total.  I was inspired by 2 photos of cakes I had seen.  1 is this rainbow cake which has been seen all over the place.

The 2nd was this M&M decorated cake.

I was going to make 2 cakes, but once the guest list topped 80, I decided I should prepare in other ways and combined my inspirations into 1 (i think) perfect cake!

The best part of this cake by far was that it was sitting nice and pretty on our dessert table, waiting patiently for us to sing the Happy Birthday to A, and I was taking a moment before gathering everyone to sit with my family…and in walks a cousin….with a plate….with the cake…already cut…WHATHUHHOWWHEN?????OK time to sing…NOW!

Another decoration that I insisted on doing myself is this Birthday banner.  My A needed some handmade-ness in her party & I was determined to give it to her…

The only other decoration I used was A!  I hung her monthly photos along the wall next to the tables in the living room, and I put up a few of her 1 year photos from the photo shoot she did up by the drink table!  Ugh I love this kid!

The weather was our major worry leading up to the party…but as it turned out, all the rain came and went just in time!  We were able to have a great party inside AND outside!  Our guests were certainly the best part of the party!  I didn’t get to spend much time with any one person, but I hope everyone there had fun!

Auntie S getting some good snuggle time with Baby A2

Friends CMSquared 🙂 That boy melts my heart.

Cousins CM & RM! All the way from PA! They seem to be having fun!

Boston friends came too! So happy they enjoyed the outdoors!

They really made a pretty picnic on our lawn!!! Love it 🙂

We got Auntie S2 to come from MD with my bun...

A having some special Uncle C time 🙂

Before the party ended, we had to get an all girls shot. GIRLS RULE BOYS DROOL!

A’s birthday was so special.  A had her screaming moments, she didn’t have great naps that day, but overall she was so good.  As usual when she didn’t see me she was on her best behavior, but I was so proud of her for being such a good girl & sharing all her toys with the other kids, smiling for the camera, and being my sweet girl!  I can’t believe she’s 1.  She is talking up a storm now which keeps me laughing.  She has such an opinion on everything!  I can’t wait for the new adventures we will go on during this next year and the next 100! gw

Thank you everyone who came to her party & shared in her special day.

Special thanks to Aunt D’s date.  Without you G, no one would have eaten, drank, had lemons, or pretty much anything else!!!  So thankful!


Weekend that won’t quit…

This weekend is A’s 1st Birthday Party!  We’re throwing a Polka Dot extravaganza!  We thought we were the type of LK’s to throw a small, intimate, quiet 1st birthday party for our little lady.  Turns out…WE’RE SOOOOO NOT!  Big isn’t appropriate to describe.  There are about 85 people coming to our house on Sunday.  The thought of this makes me laugh a little.  Who am I kidding.  A LOT!  I didn’t even think I knew 85 people!  Where we are putting all of these people is something we’re working on…and hopefully someone up in the sky is looking out for us and is going to keep the rain away so we can sit comfy outside too.

For now…I have a to-do list.  1st on the list is waiting for Auntie S & Uncle P to come in.  The other LK is out at the airport picking them up now!  Good thing since I’m sleeping in tomorrow and letting Auntie S do ALL THE WORK!!!  Favor bags need to be wrapped, furniture needs to be moved, tables need to be set, decorations need to be hung, cakes need decoration, food needs preparation, and the list goes on and on…but we’re going to do it.  I’m hoping we have fun while we’re at it too!

The truth is….


Now if you think the fun is over at the party.  Think again.  10 people are returning (or never leaving) for Seder on Monday night.  I should probably cook for that huh?!  I’m sleepy!

Party timeeeee!!

We had PD’s 1st brithday party while we had our visitors.  It was at the Little Gym & A had a FANTASTIC time!  M got to climb his little heart out & I saw PD have some serious fun with bouncy balls!


Pre-Party Sushi with the fam!

Birthday Girl & her Daddy!

"Watch me Mommy!"

"Hey M...let me show you what to do!"

"Kiss my toes!!!!!"

M climbs UP

M climbs DOWN

A on the balance beam!

M showing off his moves!

A & Mommy in the circle!

PD with the drumsticks!

C, PD & A with the balls!!!

This was a great party!  Thanks E&R for inviting us and including A&M 🙂  We’re looking forward to many many more birthday parties for this adorable little girl!



Cousin S’s 3rd 2nd Birthday party was her school party.  A, Gramma and I got to go too!  It was a great Yo Gabba Gabba party!


MUNOOOOOOO he's tall and friendly

FOOFAAAAA.....She's pink and happy!

BROBEEEEE...the little green one!

TOODEEEE.....she likes to have fun!

PLEX....a magic robot!


Cupcakes came out fantastic!  Weird that Auntie H requested purple cake – but hey….she’s weird 🙂

As soon as A saw her cousin at the other side of the room, she HAD to get to her right away…so she crawled under the table and made her way to the prime spot right next to her best cousin!  It was so sweet…she loves her so much!


'I'm coming Cousin S!"

"Front row to the candle show!"

"How come I didn't get a cupcake?!"

Haha - No cupcake for you A!!! Soon - but not yet!

Cousin Al gets a cupcake!



SuperGLEE party…

We had a little GLEE/Superbowl party over here.  Took just a few nights of shoving things in closets to make this place presentable!  Oh – and hanging some quick Ikea curtains so we weren’t in our normal fishbowl!

We started off the day with a little hiccup – Auntie H and Cousin S had a little accident on the way, so they never made it … Sad face.  But we sent the husband to check on them & A and I met up with our friends E and baby PD & went walking on the boardwalk to see all the insane people jump into the ocean in 40 degree weather!  We thought it was just beautiful out!  However we were dressed in winter coats & the girls were all bundled up in their strollers…not half naked in bikini’s and such running into the ocean that has been snowed in for 2 months straight!  (not that you’d ever catch me running anywhere in a bikini…pretty sure not even in the privacy of my own home!)

ok so weird - i totally just got this off the Long Beach website and this was the first photo i clicked on, and its totally my friend N who just spent the whole day here and we love her! there were thousands of people and she's in the photo I randomly picked...weird! She's on the right 🙂

After a nice walk outside, we came home & finished up our cooking & started the party!  I didn’t take too many photos but here were some of our guests!

Little C

Little G

E & Little PD - who was being very camera shy! (sorry E for the bad photo...we are working with what we had!)

Cupcake Pro & Apprentice!

Aunt D and I made those neon cupcakes…and little K helped decorate!  The husband thought they were delicious!  He ate 8.

This was a great superbowl party!  So many babies and friends and family…and I was kept busy enough that I didn’t have to watch a single second of football!  But I did get to watch Glee with my family once the football was over.  It was great!

Thanks everyone for coming.  Maybe Auntie H will make it next year!

Oiy Hannukah Oiy Hannukah…

A’s first Hannukah!

She went to 2 Hannukah parties, got tons and tons of presents, loved all the wrapping paper (like all good babies do) and at the end, asked when Hannukah is coming again 😉

First party was at Grand Uncle & Aunt’s house with lots of cousins and a serious amount of presents!

Opening A's first Hannukah year she can eat some!


Crawling away ... as usual

Favorite dog!



Next party was with Grandpa & B and A got to match PJ’s with Cousin S 🙂

A & Grandpa

With Auntie H & Great Gramma!

Princess Sophia

Matching Ladybugs!

I can’t believe this was 2 months ago.  Time is flying.

Happy New Year!

Yea yea…its still 2011…even if it’s not Jan 1 🙂

We had Auntie E and Aunt D over for a Taco night & A tried to stay up wayyyy too late.  She’s really excited for 2011!  Plans include sleeping, eating more and more, playing, making new friends, having a kick ass 1st birthday party,  celebrating a lot of holidays with all her favorites, walking, running, dancing, jumping, swimming and way way more!

Here’s how we said good-bye to 2010!

Happy 2011 everyone 🙂