Oiy Hannukah Oiy Hannukah…

A’s first Hannukah!

She went to 2 Hannukah parties, got tons and tons of presents, loved all the wrapping paper (like all good babies do) and at the end, asked when Hannukah is coming again 😉

First party was at Grand Uncle & Aunt’s house with lots of cousins and a serious amount of presents!

Opening A's first Hannukah gelt....next year she can eat some!


Crawling away ... as usual

Favorite dog!



Next party was with Grandpa & B and A got to match PJ’s with Cousin S 🙂

A & Grandpa

With Auntie H & Great Gramma!

Princess Sophia

Matching Ladybugs!

I can’t believe this was 2 months ago.  Time is flying.

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