Feeding time…

A is feeding herself now.  There’s not much she won’t eat, and if she sees you eating, she wants some!  She might only eat a bite or 2, but she wants some!

The one thing she won’t do…FEED HERSELF HER BOTTLE!!!!  It’s her way of manipulating me!  As soon as she sees the bottle, there’s whining and grunting and I hand it to her…and she pushes it and plays with it and then Mommy swoops in and holds it up for her.  Her arms go out to the sides and she breathes a sigh of relief as she eats!  I have no photos of this because I can’t possibly hold the camera AND the bottle!!!

Favorite foods include butternut squash, blueberries, clementines, Nagahama miso soup & vegetable gyoza and Sharon’s mac & cheese.


Yummy Yummy!

Isn't she cute in the morning?!

"oh a bottle...get over here..."

"Mommy...this is too heavy..."

"haha - fat chance Mommy!"



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