Embrace the Camera Thursday 11.4.10

Today is a big day.  We are making the big leap from renters to homeowners!  This house is my dream house.  I have an amazing husband who went willingly with me into a random open house, listened to me gush over how much I loved the sprawling ranch filled with “Saturday Night Fever” and “Miami Vice” and told him, “You have to buy me this house”…and he did!

Its going to need some TLC, and we have about a month to give it just enough to move us in, but I’m so in love with this house and can’t wait to get in right away!  Baby A is going to love it, I just know it!  It might be in a place I never thought I’d end up, but now that we’re there…I couldn’t be happier.  I already busted out my over-sized sunglasses and big sunhats to don when I go public 😉  J/K!  I’ll take on all my hometowners with a smile, a nod, and isn’t my baby the cutest!!!

This baby is the light of our lives and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have her and my other LK.

She's even the cutest as a reflection!

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