Pumpkins & Cousins…

We tried and tried and tried for months to get everyone on a free weekend to pumpkin pick early in the season.  Obviously that didn’t happen since we went the day before Halloween!

We made the big trip out to the Hamptons, found a corn maze, a hayride and some pumpkins, even one that was good enough for Cousin R.  She’s really really picky about her pumpkins…they must be round, orange with NO GREEN and have a stem.  It was rough, but we found one!

We got some baby pumpkins and a gourd for A & she really wants to eat them!  She tried to eat a wagon, rode a John Deere, saw a HUGE fuzzy caterpillar and some goats and lots more fun!

Here are some photos of our fun day out east!

LKSquared = A

"Comfy spot to rest"

"Hey Cuz...gimme that ear!"

"Hitchin' a ride with Daddy"


"Not so much higher than where I started from Mommy"

All the kids!

Mommy & A on a bridge

Haystack photo shoot!


We found a decent pumpkin!!!

"Just gonna lay down and take a rest here...K"

Pumpkin photo shoot

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