Sink Drama

This house has brought us lots of drama…but the sink was something we didn’t expect to be so difficult!


Mom....pick a faucet and lets go!



First we went to Lowes….which is where A had all that fun in the photo.  My mom and I went to get a sink and a faucet…b/c the countertop guy was waiting for the measurements so he could cut the top for the sink.  So we found the only 35″ stainless steel single bowl sink they sell.  It was “Elkay” which was recommended to us, and we brought that sucker home with a pretty Kohler faucet.

When we got into the house next, I found a “Stop Work Order” on the front door.  The city (or us) were very lucky I happened to want to let T out the front door b/c if I hadn’t, I would NEVER have seen this.  The front door is “just for looks” and pretty much never gets used.

Apparently, someone from the city came by and spied into our windows without telling anyone and saw that we removed the BROKEN SINK.  How dare we!

So now we needed a licensed plumber to install this sink.  What was that you say…..yup…$$$$$$$$$$.

He came…and opened the sink box that I was so proud of picking out all by myself for a STEAL of $199, and said…”uh Miss…this sink is missing all the brackets and I can’t do anything with it…sorry…replace it and call me to come back…”  True Story.

DAMMIT.  So I bundled A up and met Aunt D at Lowes to return the stupid sink and even better news…Guy at Lowes:  ” Miss, this is a horrible sink, and every box we have has a damaged sink inside.  I think you should let us order a better sink for you” There it is again…$$$$$$$$$.  So I need a sink right?!?!  I really wasn’t enjoying washing 4 bottles a day in the bathroom riddled with ants (for another post).  I agree to order a better sink.  They tell me it will arrive at your door in 2 days.  FF to the next morning, JUST KIDDING MISS……Can get it to the store in 5 days, and its going to cost more b/c its a rush.

Cue emergency freak out panic attack phone call to hard working busy in meetings husband.  He managed to find a sink online and ordered it from CA and had it at our door the following day by 12pm.  Pretty damn lucky I am!

I happen to love this sink.  I wasn’t sure I could love a sink this much, but I do.  I knew I could love bathtubs, and countertops, and floors, and shower heads & knobs, but kitchen sinks?  I sort of thought they were all the same….

Introducing…my pretty sink!

This was what we passed on…

Isn’t ours nicer?!

ok….soon there will be an update on our whole kitchen…


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