Snow bunny…

First, Happy Birthday Grandpa & Cousin A Mash!

There are some babies who never see snow.  Granted, they live in way warmer places than we do, but up here there have definitely been years with just some flurries here or there.  This year – we’ve had more snow than I could ever need.  Snow…Ice…Sleet…gross.  When it falls its beautiful….the next day….its dirty.  I hate dirty snow!

I knew I wanted A to get to play in the pretty snow!  It took us about 30 minutes to get dressed for this playing in the snow thing…A had layers and layers, booties & mittens, a hat and a snowsuit.  Mommy had layers of ski clothes, a hat and no gloves.  How can I use a camera with big snow gloves!

Reminder, all I had was my zoom lens….which meant I had to put A down in the middle of the lawn and then jump through the snow to get away from her far enough to get some good shots!

This is how it ended!

How long did this take to go from sitting pretty in the snow to face planting???

28 seconds….I had a video but its not working so I’ll post that later!


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