Embrace the Camera Thursday 3.3.11

Today is going to be the start of a fabulous week!!!  Our NC family is coming for a visit!!!!!!!!!  Can you tell I’m a little excited?!

The last time future husband M was in town…he looked like this…

M - 6 weeks old. First time in NYC!

Today, M & his Mommy are coming for a week!  A WHOLE WEEK!  Except, that sweet little sleeping baby is long gone…and now we’re kid proofing what we can, because we have a REAL BOY coming over!  This kid is all boy.  Climbing on everything!  So glad we have just 1 step!  Here’s what we’re looking forward to!

Look at that skill!!!

We’re up super early to get ready for our friends to come over!!!!

Waiting for you Auntie A & Hubs M!!!

I wish all Embrace the Camera’s were followed by A & M visiting…like if they moved to NY…that would be AWESOME.  justsayin.

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