Quick step…

I had every intention of taking a week-long break from the blog to spend all my time with my friends here…but then…it happened.  TODAY.  A TOOK HER FIRST STEPS!

This is so special because she seems to learn all the major mobility things from her buddy M.  The first time we went to NC to visit M, he was crawling & A wasn’t.  When we got home, A crawled.  The 2nd time we went to NC to visit M, M was cruising, A wasn’t.  The last day we were there, A pulled herself right up on their coffee table and started cruising up a storm!  M starting walking about a week ago.  He’s been walking all over our house….so it is only natural that A would take her first steps NOW!!!

She definitely doesn’t have the confidence to just let go & walk yet, but she’s really getting close!

Here’s a teaser photo from all the fun we’e been having!


I never want them to leave!!!!



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