We’re baaaackkkkk!

We’re still sad that A&M are gone…it was very lonely in our house this morning.  I have to focus on the fact that we’re seeing them again in a few weeks, but even better, it will be in FLORIDA!  Reminder A if you’re reading this…we need to talk later and get our flights straight!

The next few days will be photos recapping our fun visit!  You won’t be able to handle how cute these munchkins are!  I know I can’t!


They started out like this....

And they ended their 1st night naked...


These 2 got along so well!  And the naked party is only acceptable when their Mommies are in control!  (I know where you sleep mister!!)

There was another love affair going on this week as well….A was no part of it!


T loves boys.

At least he had his teeth cleaned *and removed* before their visit!  His breath was is so pretty!

2 thoughts on “We’re baaaackkkkk!

  1. Oh my goodness. Clearly, M is a miracle worker with T!!!!!!!!! Love the photos of these two beautiful, happy babies!!! Keep ’em coming!

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