Lunch with ALL the girls!

Its not often that Cousin A2 makes an appearance outside the house.  She also thinks her mom’s name is Julia…but she’s learning!

When A&M were here, we went on a shopping trip to NJ, and all the girls & little M man got to go out to lunch!  Wow do restaurants love us.  I think they need to break out the shop-vac when we leave.  Oh well…we tip.

Check out these kiddos!

Miss S eating A's puffs!


"Hey Mommy....what are YOU doing photographing me eating?!?!"

Good boy M...he handled all the girls like a champ! Made his Daddy proud!

Really?? What is she in the mini Ray Bans!

Fun shopping trip.  Still not sure why Roosevelt Field doesn’t have a Zara kids.  Its a little ridiculous to have to go almost 2 hours away to NJ to shop for the little girl.

Guess I’m a little ridiculous though, because I went!

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