Confessions of a LK Housewife…

I have a fantastic husband, my dog is the cutest on the planet, my cat is so sweet and I have the BEST daughter in the entire world.

That being said.  I want to check out for a few days!

I’m tired of the monotony….but it is not possible to check out like I could pre-baby.  There’s no more snuggling up on the couch with T and ignoring all phone calls to watch marathons of bad tv.  The best I can do now is wake up praying she sleeps late, then take this girl on to the boardwalk and pray she sleeps a little more!

I asked for it…I got it…stay at home mom status.  I do complain, but I’m really lucky.  I might be a sadist, but I wouldn’t change a thing.  (except I would totally get a housekeeper!)

A’s been really cranky lately.  I feel terrible because I know it is due to her teething & that she’s in pain.  I still want to scream and rip my hair out!  The way I get my satisfaction has gone from watching A play nicely with her toys (since she refuses to play with her toys anymore…) to getting things like this accomplished while she’s napping:

My all new, clean, white, organized PANTRY!

Everything is so neat and organized, and all my cabinets can now have their doors put on them!

I always did like to clean and organize when I was stressed…I guess I’m a little stressed a lot of the time since all I want to do, ALL the time is clean up around here!

"I am sorry for making you crazy Mommy!!!!"

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