Showing M the fishies NY has to offer!

As one of our fun activities last week, we spent the morning at the Coney Island Aquarium.  We were worried it would be a gross day out, but it turned out to be absolutely gorgeous!  The walrus’s were the coolest thing we saw…lots of their creatures were “away” where ever “away” is!


Walrus saying hi to M!

"M...I'll show you around this place!"

"You hold on to the window...and wait for the walrus to come right up to you!"

M riding the big guy!

I love these 2!

Posing for a picture while admiring the sharks & turtles!

They loved this eye level fish tank!

What a tushie!!!

This boy is such a monkey!!!

"Mom....I want THAT fishy....kthanks"



Fun in the playroom…

During A&M’s visit, it was FREEZING.  Where does one go when they want to walk with their kids inside & slightly control their spending…IKEA!

This trip to IKEA was a double bonus…the kids got to crawl around and play with stuff for a while in their kids section…and I brought home a new rug, tunnel and toys for them to play with at home 🙂

this was taken during one of her many monologues....sounds like blahdaladaladablah!


I see you!!!
“A..your playroom is making me drool!”
playing catch on the new rug!
surprise! Mommy and her camera are in the tunnel!
Having fun doing the shakes with A’s Daddy!


Another great day with our friends!

We’re baaaackkkkk!

We’re still sad that A&M are gone…it was very lonely in our house this morning.  I have to focus on the fact that we’re seeing them again in a few weeks, but even better, it will be in FLORIDA!  Reminder A if you’re reading this…we need to talk later and get our flights straight!

The next few days will be photos recapping our fun visit!  You won’t be able to handle how cute these munchkins are!  I know I can’t!


They started out like this....

And they ended their 1st night naked...


These 2 got along so well!  And the naked party is only acceptable when their Mommies are in control!  (I know where you sleep mister!!)

There was another love affair going on this week as well….A was no part of it!


T loves boys.

At least he had his teeth cleaned *and removed* before their visit!  His breath was is so pretty!

Embrace the Camera Thursday 3.10.11

They're gone...

We're sad...(but not in this photo!)

We had a FANTASTIC week with our friends A & M.  The babies played SO nicely together.  A is actually having M withdrawl here in her playroom freaking out because she’s all alone!  We are going to miss them like crazy over here.  We had a very busy week filled with good excitement, a little falling down scare, a party, lots of playing & too much eating!

Lots of photo posts to come showing some of the fun we had!

So sad…


Quick step…

I had every intention of taking a week-long break from the blog to spend all my time with my friends here…but then…it happened.  TODAY.  A TOOK HER FIRST STEPS!

This is so special because she seems to learn all the major mobility things from her buddy M.  The first time we went to NC to visit M, he was crawling & A wasn’t.  When we got home, A crawled.  The 2nd time we went to NC to visit M, M was cruising, A wasn’t.  The last day we were there, A pulled herself right up on their coffee table and started cruising up a storm!  M starting walking about a week ago.  He’s been walking all over our house….so it is only natural that A would take her first steps NOW!!!

She definitely doesn’t have the confidence to just let go & walk yet, but she’s really getting close!

Here’s a teaser photo from all the fun we’e been having!


I never want them to leave!!!!



Embrace the Camera Thursday 3.3.11

Today is going to be the start of a fabulous week!!!  Our NC family is coming for a visit!!!!!!!!!  Can you tell I’m a little excited?!

The last time future husband M was in town…he looked like this…

M - 6 weeks old. First time in NYC!

Today, M & his Mommy are coming for a week!  A WHOLE WEEK!  Except, that sweet little sleeping baby is long gone…and now we’re kid proofing what we can, because we have a REAL BOY coming over!  This kid is all boy.  Climbing on everything!  So glad we have just 1 step!  Here’s what we’re looking forward to!

Look at that skill!!!

We’re up super early to get ready for our friends to come over!!!!

Waiting for you Auntie A & Hubs M!!!

I wish all Embrace the Camera’s were followed by A & M visiting…like if they moved to NY…that would be AWESOME.  justsayin.

Happy Birthday PD :)

The LK family is wishing this adorable baby a very very happy 1st birthday!!!  We hope all your wishes come true!  You are an amazing little girl!  Your parents are very lucky to have such a sweet girl.  Congrats to E & R on making it through this 1st year and being great parents! PD is a very lucky little girl to have you guys taking care of her.


" cute is my best friend!!!"



Here’s A’s note to PD on her special day:

Dear PD,

Happy Birthday to you!  Thanks for being my best friend!  You share your toys with me all the time and even better, you share your mommy’s cell phone and your daddy’s cooking.  You are always there to listen to me scream like crazy when they stick us in that pool every week and you are the only one who understands why I’m crying.  You’re a great pancake sharer too!  You’re really too nice to me most of the time which I probably don’t deserve, since that first time we hung out I pulled your hair and your eye, but you’ve taught me that a real friend can forgive and forget!  They can also fight back…and I won’t be mad if one day you do!  I’m going to try to be a better stroller buddy this summer so you can relax more on our walks without me screaming to get out.  I am so happy that you’re my friend! I hope you have a great 1st birthday!

I love you !

Love, A