Verdict at the LK house…

4th of July weekend was a LOT of fun!

We had our friends DF & “the M’s” sleep over with their TOO CUTE FOR WORDS little muchkin CM.  I want to eat this boy.  I might have eaten this boy when his mom wasn’t looking….or she was….she knows how delicious he is! Look at this …


We hung out at home for a while & had a little BBQ!

Daddy MM & Baby CM

We waited until the sun went down a little to take a stroll down to the beach with the kids.  CM had never played in the sand before…but A made sure he had lots of fun with it!

A's shovel is pretty cool!

This is how babies promise to be "Giants fans for Life"


and aweeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

"Hey Baby A....come gimme a kiss!!!"

so she obliged!

Got their shovels & are ready to dig in!

A showing DF the birds, or ocean, or helicopter....or all of the above!

Good catch A! Way better than Daddy!

And she throws it on the floor after her touchdown!!!

Dont worry Mommy CM - this is as much football as they will be playing!

I'm not really sure what she was doing here...I think she lost something under her leg and she was trying to find it!

Baby CM checking out the beach!

M Family Visit to LB 🙂

We had a great time with our friends and hope we see them very soon!  Next date in NYC 🙂

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