The Wrath of Irene at the LK House…

We had a nice hurricane experience for the most part.  We had dinner with Auntie E, then spent the rest of the hurricane in Auntie H’s house watching movies & playing with Cousin S’s toys.  We didn’t think it was so bad out there!  We also watched the news…which was stationed in 4 places.  1 was my town, 1 was the part of Brooklyn my Grandma lives in, 1 was where Auntie H & my dad & fam live, and the other was where we got married!  I felt very connected to the news!  The news from our little city was bad.  We saw the ocean bust past the boardwalk and right to the streets with fury.  It was scary to think of what we were coming home to.

The hurricane passed pretty quickly & we were able to get on the road home once we had someone come check that we had power.

We left this…

We came home to this…

Our power lines are holding the tree up!  The meter box and pole have been shifted & need major repair…but thankfully, we don’t think too much more damage is under that tree.  We won’t really be able to tell until the tree is lifted, but our fingers are crossed.

We have installed some extra fire alarms in the house since I’m nervous about those power lines, and we have evacuated the playroom, which is directly under that tree, and our phone lines are all screwy & sent phantom 911 calls out last night, but other than that and a lot of water in our crawl space, we’re good!

The storm was definitely bad…but it also could have been much worse!

And our house is strong!!!!  It lived through years of abuse and neglect & now that she’s getting a lot of love and attention…a little tree isn’t gonna take her down now!!!!

5 thoughts on “The Wrath of Irene at the LK House…

  1. Just ran across your blog while searching wordpress this morning.. & that’s a lot of drama in your yard! Glad Irene didn’t do any more damage to you – it’s some scary stuff, huh?

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