21 Months….Where Did the Time GO????

My baby girl is 21 months old today.  It just doesn’t make any sense that she’s so big!  I haven’t really done a “what is A up to” post in a while…so I thought, before she’s 2 I should get down on the blog what she’s like as a nutty under 2 toddler!

the good, the bad & the crazy!

We’ll start with The Crazy…

  • She wakes up every day asking for “dinner”…pronounced “DEEner”
  • Some other things she has asked for when waking up in the morning are: “I want crying”, “I want yogurt”, “I want agua”, “Mommy come in door”, “Tito come in door”, “I want Daddy”…those are pretty standard ones that follow the “deener” request.
  • She eats 3-4 Yo Baby yogurts for breakfast.
  • She loves Elmo, Yo Gabba Gabba, Minnie, Aladdin, Lion King & Toy Story
  • She literally eats anything…and a lot of it.  The kid loves food.
  • She went pee pee on the potty!
  • She loves to watch football…even when Daddy isn’t around.
  • She has the CRAZY biggest vocabulary!  She definitely knows more words than Auntie H 😉
  • She loves to dance.  Anytime, Anywhere…except dance class!

Dancing Queen!

And the BAD…

  • She bites.  Her cousin & her friend.  It’s bad and anyone with experience other than, don’t let her near other children, I’m open to suggestions!  It only happens when she’s tired, unfortunately, she needs 12-13 hours of sleep at night and a 3 hour nap during the day to not be tired.
  • Her yogurt habit is getting expensive.
  • She drags me around like a slave all day…telling me “Mommy sit on floor”, “Mommy cook”, “Mommy color”, “Mommy clean”, “Mommy I want yogurt”…etc, etc.
  • She does like to clean…or “cleap up”, but not before she makes a giant mess where ever she goes.
  • She pretended to love dance class for a while, and now refuses to participate at all!  Dance class means, Mommy dances and A hangs on my neck!
  • She’s jealous of T and wants everything he has, or to be everywhere he is.  Poor dog can’t do anything anymore without being told “NO T”!
  • She is a big drama queen.  She’ll go from laughing & smiling to full on tears and screaming in a heartbeat!

Emmy winner for dramatic performance goes to.....Miss A!

Most importantly, the Good…

  • She gives the best hugs & kisses.
  • Her laugh is infectious.
  • She sleeps until 8:30am! (knock on wood)
  • She loves to clean the floor!
  • She loves shoes.  Boots, sneakers, sandals, party shoes…it makes up for her intense love of football!
  • She loves animals.
  • She loves her Gamma…and her Cousin S & A2.
  • She walks around all day asking “Where Aunt E GO?
  • She says “I love you” all the time…but, every night before I put her down for bed, it melts me.

Love that smile!!!

Miss A, Daddy and I love you more than words can say.  You are an amazing, smart, funny, sweet, loveable girl.  I can’t believe you are already 21 months old, 2 is too too close!  Keep making us laugh baby girl!  If you could lay off on the crying a little, I wouldn’t complain!!!

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