Embace the Camera Thursday 1.26.12

This week has FLOWN by!  I have been so busy, and stuck in the house.  Quite the conundrum!  We are getting closer to being done with the bathroom and I can’t wait to share photos of the before & after!  It is quite a change!!!!

Tomorrow I am meeting Kelly Clarkson.  Yup.  I have so much to talk to this girl about, mainly to thank her for getting me a night off from A with Auntie E in Boston (thanks Auntie E), and then to thank her (sarcasm) for taking my SIL away for like…years at a time…and finally to discuss her wardrobe.  She can get it right, but when it’s a miss….its a BIG MESS MISS!

Last Thursday was another big show…Disney on Ice!  We got last minute tickets and sat right next to the ice!  It’s no meet and greet with Mickey…but it was pretty close!  A and cousin S thought it was awesome!  They didn’t take their eyes off the ice for a second!

They look so serious right?! A is looking for Goofy, and S is waiting for a princess to pop up!

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