Why I Love Vacation…

Because it is amazing!  It is 9am and I woke up to silence!  I get to be on vacation with one of my best friends & stay up late drinking and talking.  There’s nothing better….**Except you Mister LK…vacationing with you is just as good…in Bali…(haha)** Thank you AG for making my girls weekend the best!

Thank you to my dad for letting us stay is his beautiful apartment.  Without a 2 year old it is so easy to keep clean and not worry anything will be broken!  Thanks for all the travel recommendations here & we will be going to the beach today!

I want to wish a happy anniversary from afar to our friends the PH’s….I had so much fun taking these pictures & I hope you guys had as much fun being in them!





Embrace the Camera Thursday 7.19.12

I’ve had time without Miss A over the last 2+ years.  I can’t deny that.  It has been lovely….but we’ve always been doing “something”, like going to a wedding, or meeting people, or getting ready for something.  Last year Grandma took Miss A to Florida and left me home for a week.  That was heavenly!  This year…the mommy who has saved me from self destruction more times than I can count, the mommy who has been my support since the day I gave birth to this little maniac, my amazing friend AG and I are going on a girls only, kids free weekend in my second home of this year…FLORIDA!!!  I think that I should get some type of award for flying the same route on JetBlue 3 times in as many months!  I can’t wait for this trip….like….really really really can’t wait!  We’re going to lay by the pool and read big girl books without being splashed and pulled and whined at….WITH ALCOHOL!  The only juice we’ll be drinking will be in our cocktails!  We’ll sleep in late & go out to dinner where we’ll take 3 hours to eat if we want to!

In appreciation of all things kid-free this weekend, I’m embracing the camera with my favorite Mister LK & some of my friends from our excursion this past weekend!

While on this fun engagement party trip to the Long Island wineries I got to shoot the 2 handsome grooms for their Save The Date cards.  I want to extend a big THANK YOU to my fabulous friend HB for being a really amazing assistant & helping me get lots of really fun, funny, sweet & pretty perfect pictures!

She was instrumental in getting some shots like this…

Hehehe….Once the boys pick their favorite photo for the Save The Date…I’ll be able to post the rest of the pics from this shoot….I can’t wait to share!  They’re a great couple & I’m honored they let me photograph them for such a special announcement!

Asleep at 6:30pm….What Does A Mommy Do????

So today was a camp day!  I love camp days…even if I get beat up getting her sunblocked & dressed & into the car by 9am.  See, Miss A’s “witching hours” are in the morning…unlike most children who have their bad time around 5pm.  She is whiny and demanding and ripe for tantrums from breakfast time through nap time.  So camp days, it is someone else’s problem!  Although they tell me that she’s really very good and only cries for a minute when I drop her off!  When I asked her what she did at camp last Thursday she told me “I clean toilets Mommy”.  I don’t know WHY I haven’t thought of having her do that here!!!!  She said it was fun!  If she was behaving the same for them that she is for me…well I understand the punishment of making her clean toilets!

This morning she was so incredibly loud and un-soothable that I would have sworn she was sick!  So with her runny nose I made a Dr. appointment and had her ears checked out.  All good.  No infections anywhere.  FUDGE!!!!  amoxicillin is a much easier prescription to fill than Mommy patience!  Fine…I’ll try to be a good mother for the rest of the day.

At that point (2pm) she had napped for a total of 10 minutes.  We had lunch and swam in the new pool for about 2 hours and came inside to snuggle!  Then the most unexpected thing happened…she fell asleep at 6pm!  What am I going to do with all this time on my hands!  I had already made dinner, and straightened up the house….I guess I’ll edit pictures of our fun excursion to the Hamptons from this past weekend!  I think I’m getting spoiled with all of this kid-free time!


Coming up…more photos of some awesome couples & a really fun shoot with the couple of honor!


All Star Camper!

Yesterday was Miss A’s first day at camp!  She’s in a wonderful program at Twin Oaks Day Camp.  Each 2 year old camper has their own 1 on 1 counselor to stick with them and them only!  That 1 on 1 attention is something that definitely helped Miss A transition from Mommy all day to Camper 1/2 day with ease.  She had a fantastic 1st day…and since she’s my daughter, I really had no doubt that she’d love camp!  Just wait until she is about 7….she’s headed straight to sleep-away!  (yes Mr LK…sleep-away…ASAP….)

How adorable is Miss A’s counselor?!  She’s itty bitty & A loves her!  I hope her soft spoken, sweet, kind personality rubs off on Miss A a little bit this summer!

While the girls were at camp, E & I took some time to go play with someone WAY less fussy than our 2 year olds!!!!

The baby…the puppy…and the mommy who I didn’t get a picture of all made our little afternoon off the perfect morning!  Thanks to the H’s for having us over!  And to MH for letting me hold this adorable, sweet baby girl for 2 hours straight….I love her!!!!!!

When we picked the girls up, Miss A was SLEEPING!!!!  She had so much fun that she wore herself out before the day was even over!  According to the counselors, she was a little fish in the swimming pool & went nuts in the water!  She bounced in the bounce house, ate cookies and crackers and fell asleep in music!  Can’t wait for Tuesdays & Thursdays all summer long!


Boy Interrupted…

This week has been all about this tiny little angel boy, but I’d just like to sa that my little girl has been such a trooper.  She spent most of the time in the hospital & now she’s been at Auntie S’s house with a bunch of grown ups!  We just can’t make ourselves leave this little boy, so with all this attention being poured onto our new cousin, I was expecting A to act out.  Short of a few tantrums and some random acts of rebellion, I’m pretty shocked at how good she’s being.

First…she hid her diaper bag.  While Grandma had the car.  And she went and did this…(sorry future A, this is VERY embarrassing)

Anyone else’s kid refuse diapers, fully potty train for 2 weeks, then 100% refuse the potty and demand her diapers back???!!!  Oh…right…then go into the hospital room closet and take care of her private business while telling you to “leave me alone”?????

As I mentioned, she had hidden her diaper bag…making me think I was a bad mom & forgot it in the hotel…which was NOT true.  But we’re resourceful…and thankfully we have a brand new cousin who is a terrific sharer…

Note** Miss A wears a size 4 diaper.  Normally.  This is what a size 1 looks like on a size 4 tushie!

At this point I took A over to Grandpa & B’s hotel to spend a few hours getting some sun & sand…

The next time she was able to have some good old fashioned toddler fun was when our friend & H’s other big cousin EG came to play!  A big thanks to Uncle P for buying & blowing up the awesome hippo pool for us!

And because this blog is focused on a handsome little man who has been home from the hospital for a few days now…and I can’t get enough of him…here’s 1 for today!

Happy 1st Birthday Miss CJ!

The LKs want to wish our beautiful, amazing, miraculous, Miss CJ a very very happy birthday.  We hope you have a fantastic day and may your second year be even more amazing than your first!  You have come a long way Miss CJ and Auntie & Uncle LK & Cousin A love you so so so so much.  We are so proud of all of your accomplishments and can’t wait to see you grow into the beautiful toddler that will drive your Mommy and Daddy bananas!!!!!

We are sorry we missed your party but we love you and can’t wait to see you soon pretty girl!!!!!

hugs and a million kisses

the LKs, A, T & M

Happy Birthday Little JL :)

Dear JL,

We want to wish you a very happy 3rd birthday!  You’re handsome, adorable, sweet, loving & very very smart!  All the qualities I look for in a future suitor 😉  Thanks for spending the day with me at the Bronx zoo.  I had a really fun time & I can’t wait to have more play-dates with you!

Happy 3rd birthday and many many many more.  We hope all of your wishes come true today and everyday!


A & The LK Family

Young Love …

Ahh the early months of a relationship…all the rainbows and sunshine coming out of the ass of the one you love 😉  That sure is a glorious time…I remember it well!

We vacationed with one of our best friends DF & his girlfriend HB.  Can we just discuss for a second how stinkin’ adorable they are?

It’s no secret that I’ve been pretty nervous about who DF would bring home to meet his friend family.  What if I couldn’t stand her?  What if she couldn’t stand us?  What if she didn’t mesh with our group?  How much further from the truth could those fears be?!?!  This girl is amazing.  Now not only does HE love her, but so do I…and most importantly…Miss A adores her.

She’s a great girl and we had a great vacation with her!  It was so nice to see how happy she makes our friend.  It also reminded me of the early days for me and the Mister…before this amazing baby girl came into our lives and threw us into the whirlwind we call parenting!

Another type of young love.  Our love for this little sassy pants.  2 has brought on a whole new world of tantrums when she can’t control her emotions, and we’re working on getting that under better control…but wow this young love is way more stressful than the one these 2 lovebirds have goin’ on 😉

Good job Miss HB on 2 weeks smoke free!  We are so proud of you!

Home Is Where My Heart Is…

Home is definitely where my heart is, but vacation is where my sanity is 🙂  Our Islamorada trip was awesome.  Although vacationing WITH the 2 year old certainly makes it less relaxing than the old days, her cute bathing suited tushy and big hugs help remind us why we take her with us!  Although Grandma offered to watch her during the next vacation and we WILL be taking her up on that!

Day 1:  We hung by the pool!  (Be prepared to see most of our activities revolve around hanging by the pool!)



HB had the best handstand….hands down….

Day 2:

We did a little impromtu maternity shoot with Auntie S.  As mentioned, I’m without my camera BFF, but we made it work with what we had!  I think she’s beautiful.  We also went out to dinner at Islamorada Fish Company.  We always like the atmosphere…and my dinner was great!

More to come!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mom’s I know.  Today you should be showered with all the love & praise you should get everyday, but probably don’t since there’s not much time in our regular days for that!

To all my mommy relatives & friends:  you’re amazing.  Each and every one of you has taught me so much and has helped me along this rocky path of mothering a toddler!  Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day to you!

To my Grandma in heaven:  You were the most influential mother in my life & I thank you for being the tough, do it all, know it all, handle everything, love me like no one else could Grandma and best friend.  I miss you every single day.

To my Grandma here on earth:  You are so sweet and kind and tolerant.  You have patience like no other woman I know and I love you so much!

To my Mom:  I don’t think I would have made it to A’s 2nd birthday without you!  You’re the first place I go when I have questions, need to vent, need someone to laugh or cry with…you get A to listen like no one else, and seeing her smile when she sees you makes me so happy.  I hope you know how important you are to me and my family, on Mother’s Day & every day.  You have told me that motherhood is a thankless job, and even though you’re right…on most days…today I am thanking you.  For putting up with all the SH*T that my sisters and I put you through for all of these years, for all of the early years that I don’t even remember, and for all the future things you will help me through.  I can’t thank you enough.